Inventory statistics

AreaNumber of inventoried waiting listsThe total number of waiting lists for which checks have been completedThe number of waiting lists for which inconsistencies were foundThe number of waiting lists for which no inconsistencies were foundNumber of exclusion orders for 2023Количество приказов на исключение из очереди за 2024 год
Астана г.а.465224646233937125259279215
Северо-Казахстанская область206811063371013532135724
Костанайская область26955165401099855421732415
Акмолинская область2383122871161196752905381
Туркестанская область171449714599637184584409
Шымкент г.а.5109150883363001458322591072
область Жетісу29877181771114970281320364
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